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Car Accident Attorneys Chicago IL – Who can I sue for damages?

Car Accident Attorney Chicago IL – Who can be sued for damages?

Who can you sue for Damages arising from a truck wreck case? Well clearly the driver of the commercial vehicle of the tractor trailer that hit you, we can sue him or her. As you might expect we can also bring suit against the corporation for whome that driver drives for. What Car crash lawyers may not know that truck crash lawyers do is that there are a number of other people who may be involved behind the scenes if you will, then just the driver and the drivers employer, the semi-truck company.

Truck crash lawyers will tell you that many times the load that driver is carrying has been brokered by some third party. In other words, there is another corporation besides the trucker and the trucking company, who’s responcible for putting that trucker together with that load that he or she was hauling at the time they crashed with you. Often times that load broker places time constraints on the truck driver, telling them that they need to be in Tacoma by a certain day and certain time, they need to be in Chicago a short time later. By driving too long, by driving too fast, in those circumstances it is a receipe for disaster.

So we have the driver, we have the trucking company, we have brokers, anyone involved in that trucking transaction are appropriate defendents in a truck crash case.

In Illinois, people trust Oak Park hit-and-run accident lawyers Coplan & Crane to make things right and help them get back on their feet. We know how important your accident is to you. That’s why we work tirelessly for victims of hit-and-run accidents.

Maybe you need a Car Accident Lawyer Chicago IL? If you don’t know who hit your vehicle, how can you hold them accountable? Don’t be so sure. Just because you don’t know who hit your vehicle doesn’t mean you will be stuck with the bill. That’s why it’s crucial you have an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer in your corner, fighting for your rights.

Rear-end collisions often cause major head and neck injuries to drivers and passengers. Speeding is often to blame. Texting while driving is another common cause of rear-end collisions. Whatever the reason, when another driver’s Car slams into the back of your vehicle, your head often gets thrust forward violently due to the force of the other vehicle. The pain and suffering you sustain in a rear-end car or truck accident can last weeks or months or even years. That’s why it’s vital you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve after your accident.

Expect more. Contact our firm today. Call: 800-394-6002 We want to meet with you and learn more about your accident. We offer all potential clients a free case evaluation. And best of all, if you choose us, you pay nothing if you don’t win. That’s because we work on a contingency fee basis.

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